21 August 2013

If Tweet Then That

Make it so.
My prayers have been answered. IFTTT and Twitter have resurrected what was one of my favorite channels.

Now, we can go back to archiving our favorite Tweets. Or pushing Twitter updates to LinkedIn. Or cross-posting them to App.net.

While this is a welcome return to form, I hope that the access will open up to also include allowing for recipes from accounts we follow. I tried to make up for this deficit a few weeks ago with Yahoo! Pipes.

I was trying to create a way to get instant updates when Twitter posts to one of its now numerous blogs. So, I took all the RSS feeds that I could find for them and combined them into one feed. Then, I took that feed and created a recipe so that every time there was something new, I would get a text message.

Admittedly, it’s not working perfectly, but it’s a start. If Twitter opens up access to creating IFTTT recipes from other people’s accounts, I’ll be able to simplify this process considerably. All so that I can occasionally update this blog. We can talk about the frequency of these recently infrequent updates when I see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.

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